The members of BIGBANG are involved in everything from creating the music, dance moves, and producing live concerts themselves.​ ​
True to the name of the big bang, the cosmic explosion that occurred to raise the universe, their innovative music and performances have created a massive movement in the Japanese music market too.​ ​
BIGBANG has released numerous smash hit songs since its official debut in Korea in 2006. Soon after their debut, songs written by G-DRAGON, such as "Lies," "Last Farewell," and "Haru Haru," released in 2008, hit the top charts, making them the most influential singer group in Korea in just over a year.​ ​​ ​
They expanded into other Asian countries from 2007, and quickly gained popularity since endeavoring activities in Japan in 2008. In June 2009,​ ​
they made their major debut in Japan with the beautifully sad and mellow first single "My HEAVEN."​ ​​ ​
They consecutively released their second single "Gara Gara Go!!," the third single "KOE WO KIKASETE,"
and was awarded the "BEST HITS KAYOSAI 2009: Gold Artist Award," the "42nd USEN AWARD: Best Newcomer Award," and the "51st Japan Record Award: Best Newcomer Award" at the end of the year.​ ​​ ​
BIGBANG has steadily increased their fan base as they hold live concerts and release single songs. They also won a triple-crown with the "MTV VMAJ," including its "Best New Artist Video Award," and stole the show appearing at the SUMMERSONIC 2010 too.​ ​
Every original single and album they have released after their major debut ranked in the top 10 weekly ORICON chart.​ ​
The group was able to establish a significant presence in Japan by peaking at number one with their second album "BIGBANG 2" in May 2011.​ ​

G-DRAGON's light-edged and T.O.P's heavy raps create a fusion of both high and low sides in the music.​ ​
SOL, D-LITE, and V.I are also successful as solo artists, and their soft and tender voice that embraces the audience mix with the rap and elegantly creates a unique groove like no other.
BIGBANG's music is always evolving, ever-changing, and full of freedom, and they have generated a buzz with every single new piece.​ ​​ ​
Their unique electropop music style continues to move ahead infinitely across every border.​ ​​ ​
The group has established a very high reputation for involving themselves in the production of their own stage performances too.​ ​
After a great success in their Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka tour at two Makuhari Messe performances and others during their indie years in 2008,​ ​
they attracted fifty thousand people during their six performances at Yokohama Arena, Nippon Budokan, and other locations at their "ELLECTORIC LOVE TOUR 2010" after their major debut.​ ​
The audience doubled next year to one hundred thousand at their eight performances at venues such as the Osaka-jo Hall, Makuhari Messe, and Nippon Gaishi Hall in their Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka arena concert tour "Love & Hope Tour 2011."

BIGBANG was awarded the "World Wide Act Award" at the "MTV EUROPE MUSIC AWARDS 2011," one of the most notable music award ceremonies in Europe in November last year,
and has evolved into a major name in the music industry in Asia.
On March 28, 2012, they released the long-awaited new album "ALIVE."
They held their first world tour "BIGBANG ALIVE GALAXY TOUR" in Asia, North America, South America, and Europe gathering eight hundred thousand people in attendance in a total of 48 performances at 21 cities in 12 countries.
Here in Japan, after sweeping the country with four hundred and fifty-five thousand people gathering to see 19 performances at six cities nationwide, including Japan's three major domes in Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka, they visited six of Japan's major concert domes during 2013 and 2014. BIGBANG was the first foreign artist to headline their own six-dome tour, gathering approximately eight hundred thousand audiences.​ ​
Their best album "THE BEST OF BIGBANG 2006-2014" released in 2014 and "Japan New Album "MADE SERIES" released in 2016 both topped ORICON's weekly chart!​ ​
BIGBANG has gained extreme popularity and success and was the first foreign artist to hold dome arena concerts for three consecutive years during 2014 and 2016.​ ​​ ​