• 2024.05.30 [Thu]

"TREASURE 's Shining SOL O Cafe" to be held & GOODS information released!

To commemorate the broadcast of TREASURE first romantic variety show "TREASURE 's Shining SOL O," "TREASURE 's Shining SOL O Cafes" will be held in six cities across the country!
They will be open for a limited time in Tokyo, Aichi and Miyagi from Thursday, June 13th, 2024, in Fukuoka from Friday, June 14th, and in Kanagawa and Osaka from Thursday, June 20th.
There are plenty of menus and events that will make you feel like you've jumped into the world of "TREASURE 's Shining SOL O"♪
Advance reservations with special benefits will start on Thursday, May 30th!
Have a wonderful time at "TREASURE 's Shining SOL O Cafe"!
■ Collaboration Cafe Event Information
Check out the details here!

Advance reservation site
★Tokyo (BOX cafe&space SHIBUYA109 Shibuya store)[]=664c4defe1440a242bd2b09a
★Osaka (kawara CAFE & DINING Shinsaibashi store)[]=664c4eca64281a228bb4abef
★ Nagoya (BOX cafe&space Nagoya Lachic 2nd store)[]=6648851744d9269a3ac8226c
★Fukuoka (kawara CAFE&DINING KITTE Hakata branch)[]=664c2318e39cfaf83d3b1071
★Yokohama (Collabo_Index Lumine Yokohama)[]=6648c7c07211621ee9763860
★ Miyagi (BALLER:S AEON MALL Shin Rifu store)[]=664c724064281a228bb4b48a

■ Goods for sale
Check out the details here!
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