TREASURE 『BONA BONA -JP Ver.-』の配信を記念して、各配信ストアでのキャンペーン実施が決定!!

9/25(月)0時、TREASURE『BONA BONA -JP Ver.-』の配信スタート!!




▼TREASURE『BONA BONA -JP Ver.-』各配信ストアへはコチラから!


< Digital purchase bonus campaign >

▼iTunes ダウンロードキャンペーン:2023/9/25(月)~

9/25(月)0時配信 TREASURE『BONA BONA -JP Ver.-』(単曲)をiTunesにてダウンロード頂き、期間中にご応募いただいた方の中から抽選で5名様に「TREASUREメンバー全員によるオンラインサイン会」をプレゼント!


■応募入力期間: 2023/9/25(月)~10/8(日)23:59


■ Bonus


TREASURE『BONA BONA -JP Ver.-』(単曲)をiTunesにてダウンロード頂いた中から、抽選で5名に「TREASUREメンバー全員によるオンラインサイン会)」をプレゼント致します!





*Only the winners will be contacted regarding the schedule and other event details.


■ How to Apply

1.iTunesにて TREASURE『BONA BONA -JP Ver.-』(単曲)をダウンロード 。

2.TREASURE『BONA BONA -JP Ver.-』(単曲)のダウンロード完了画面をスクリーンショット!

3. Fill in the application form, including a screenshot of the download screen and the required information to complete the application!


■ Application Form



<Number of plays campaign>

▼LINE MUSIC 再生キャンペーン:2023/9/25(月)~

From among those who listened to TREASURE “BONA BONA -JP Ver.-” (single song) distributed at 0:00 on 9/25 (Monday)Top 5 people listened to over 5,000 timesto "Online autograph session by all TREASURE members",10 people selected by by drawing lotsto "Online meet & greet by TREASURE member (random)” as a present!


■Campaign implementation period/application form input period
Campaign implementation period:2023/9/25 (Mon) - 10/8 (Sun) 23:59

Application form input period:2023/10/9 (Mon) - 10/11 (Wed) 23:59


■ Bonus

Online autograph session by all TREASURE members → Top 5 people from those who have listened more than 5,000 times


Online meet & greet for each TREASURE member (random) → 10 people will be chosen by by drawing lots from among those who have listened more than 5,000 times


*The "online autograph session for all members" is scheduled for approximately 45 seconds of communication for each member, for a total of 7.5 minutes.

* You cannot select the desired member for "Online Meeguri (Random) by Member".

*All events are scheduled for October 28th (Sat).

*Winners will be notified by email around mid-October.

*For online autograph sessions held by all members, if there are many people with the same number of views, by drawing lots will be held.

*Only the winners will be contacted regarding the schedule and other event details.


■ How to Participate

STEP ① Become a paid member of LINE MUSIC (* You can try it for free for one month when you register for the first time)


STEP② TREASURE TREASURE Listen to “BONA BONA -JP Ver.-” (single song) a lot on LINE MUSIC.

* Please confirm that the number of views is displayed in the [“Your name”'s TOP 50] item on the ranking page in LINE MUSIC.


STEP ③ Make sure that the number of views is displayed in the [“Your Name”’s TOP 50] item, and then take a screenshot of the screen during October 9th (Monday).


STEP 4: 3. Fill in the application form, including a screenshot and the required information during the application period to complete the application.


Your application is now complete. Listen a lot for a better chance of winning!


■ Notes on this campaign

* The announcement of the winners will be replaced by the shipping of the benefits.

* Please note that we will not contact the winners.

* You can check your play count on LINE MUSIC's top page from the "Rankings" tab.

* If ["Your name"'s TOP 50] is not displayed, it is possible that the number of songs played on LINE MUSIC in the last 3 months is less than 20 or the LINE MUSIC app has not been updated to the latest version. There is sex. In addition, the ranking will be reflected the next day and will be updated once a day / irregularly.

* If a stream is cut off by a few seconds, it might not be counted as 1 play.

* When the play count is displayed as "9,999+ times," it has reached its limit.

* It is not counted in the audition mode playback that free members can listen to. The number of views will be reflected only for paid members or members during the first one month free period.

* In the case of playback in the offline state (download save), the number of playbacks will be reflected when switching to the communication mode such as wi-fi environment. In addition, it may take some time to reflect.

* Customers are responsible for the transmission fees and LINE MUSIC monthly membership fees for using this campaign.

* The right to win cannot be transferred, redeemed or changed to a third party.

* If it is determined that the same person has made a fraudulent act such as continuous application with multiple accounts, the winning may be invalidated without prior notice.

*The number of views displayed is from 2023/9/25 (Monday) to 10/8 (Sunday) 23:59.

* Membership registration to LINE MUSIC is required. (Free for 1 month)

* It will be counted regardless of whether it is downloaded and played (offline) or played in airplane mode.

*If you are using an anti-spam filter, etc., please use the domain """ set your settings so that you can receive emails from

* We will not accept any inquiries regarding non-delivery of application completion emails or winning.

* The application completion email cannot be resent. Even if you do not receive the application completion email, the application has been completed if the application completion screen is displayed.

* Please note that we will not contact the winners.

*Please note that we are unable to confirm or change the details of your application after it is completed.


▼Rakuten Music 再生キャンペーン:2023/9/25(月)~

9/25(月)0時配信 TREASURE『BONA BONA -JP Ver.-』(単曲)ををRakuten Musicにてたくさん聴いていただいた上位100名の方の中から抽選で5名様に「TREASUREメンバー全員直筆サイン入りショルダーバッグ」をプレゼント!







‐賞品送付時期:発送手配が整い次第発送 ※送付が遅れる場合がございますので、予めご了承ください。








キャンペーン期間:2023年9月25日(月)00:00 ~ 2023年10月8日(日)23:59



①キャンペーン期間中に「Rakuten Music」アプリの「無料トライアル」に入会(すでに入会されている方も対象となります)












※「BONA BONA -JP Ver.-」以外のアルバム収録曲は、キャンペーンの再生数にはカウントされませんのでご注意ください。









※Apple, inc.はこのキャンペーンには一切関係しておりません。








2023/9/25(月) 19:30~20:30



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