Pre-sale of Fan Club Ticket starts from 17:00 on 11/26 (Sat.)!!

As TREASURE's first tour to Japan, the long-awaited additional performance will be held for 2 days at Kyocera Dome Osaka!
Pre-sale of fan club tickets starts today, 11/26 (Sat) at 17:00!
■ Performance details
January 28, 2023 (Sat) Osaka Kyocera Dome Osaka
Doors open at 15:00, performance starts at 17:00
January 29, 2023 (Sun) Osaka Kyocera Dome Osaka
Doors open at 13:00, performance starts at 15:00
*Opening/starting times are subject to change.
* Cast members are subject to change without notice. Please note.
■ Ticket price
General reserved seat ¥11,000-(tax included)
Reserved seat ¥11,000-(tax included)
PREMIUM SEAT: ¥24,500- (tax included) *We plan to upgrade from general reserved seats.
■Regarding reserved seats
This is a "seated seating" seat for small children, elderly customers, families, and everyone else who wants to sit down and watch the live performance.
Please be sure to stay in this seat during the performance.
Also, it is not a seat that guarantees proximity to the stage.
Benefit 1: Arena seat guarantee
Benefit 2: With PREMIUM SEAT original goods
Privilege ④: Priority lane available at the venue goods sales floor
* Goods will be given at the venue on the day of the performance. Please note that we cannot respond to postage at a later date.
*A lottery for upgrading to PREMIUM SEAT will be held at a later date for those who win a general reserved seat and make a payment in advance of TREASURE GLOBAL OFFICIAL FANCLUB TREASURE MAKER MEMBERSHIP (JP).
If you wish to upgrade, please apply for a general reserved seat in advance with TREASURE GLOBAL OFFICIAL FANCLUB TREASURE MAKER MEMBERSHIP (JP).
*PREMIUM SEAT is an upgrade from general reserved seats, and if you apply for and win an upgrade lottery, you will be charged the difference of 13,500 yen (tax included) per seat.
*You cannot upgrade from a reserved seat.
*In the upgrade lottery reception, you can only apply for the number of tickets purchased in advance for TREASURE GLOBAL OFFICIAL FANCLUB TREASURE MAKER MEMBERSHIP (JP). It is not possible to upgrade only a part of the number of tickets.
*If you are unsuccessful in the upgrade lottery reception, you will be viewing in the general reserved seat.
*We will inform you later about the application period and application details for the upgrade lottery reception.
■ Age limit
Tickets required for ages 3 and up. Children under the age of 3 are not allowed to enter.
■ Number limit
Up to 6 tickets for each performance
■ Advance ticket information
Reception period: November 26, 2022 (Sat) 17:00 to December 4, 2022 (Sun) 23:59 *Lottery
Winning confirmation/payment period: December 10, 2022 (Sat) 15:00 to December 14, 2022 (Wed) 23:00
Reception URL:
Applicable people:
Those who have joined (=paid) the "TREASURE GLOBAL OFFICIAL FANCLUB TREASURE MAKER MEMBERSHIP (JP)" by 23:59 on Sunday, December 4, 2022 and have been issued a membership number.
Valid members of "TREASURE GLOBAL OFFICIAL FANCLUB TREASURE MAKER MEMBERSHIP (JP)" as of Sunday, December 4, 2022.
*Congestion is expected depending on the reservation status.
We ask for your cooperation in completing the enrollment procedures and payment by December 3, 2022 (Saturday) as much as possible.
*If you choose convenience store payment, it will take about 3 hours for the registration completion to be reflected.
Please make your payment well in advance.
[Inquiries about fan club advance ticket application]
<Notice of closure of inquiry window>
Closed period: December 28, 2022 (Wednesday) to January 4, 2023 (Wednesday)
*When making inquiries, please refer to Customer Support -FAQ-, and if you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us using the "Inquiry Form".
*Replies will be handled in order as soon as we can confirm after the holiday period ends.
*Please note that it may take some time.
·Inquiry form
Precautions when applying for tickets
◆This performance will be held at the accommodation rate under the instructions of the local government, including the new coronavirus infectious disease control guidelines and the venue.
*This performance will be operated based on the "Guidelines for preventing new coronavirus infections at music concerts" of the Concert Promoters Association.
*No cancellations, changes, or refunds can be made after ticket purchase, regardless of the reason. Please note.
■ How to receive tickets
*Tickets for this performance can be purchased using the smartphone app "AnyPASS" (electronic ticket). 
* A smartphone compatible with the smartphone application "AnyPASS" is required to receive tickets and enter the venue on the day of the performance.
*Only the mobile phone number registered in the mobile phone number (AnyPASS ticketing) column of the customer information at the time of application can receive tickets. (Ticket information is linked to the mobile phone number at the time of purchase.)
Tickets cannot be received on terminals with other mobile phone numbers, so please do not change or cancel your mobile phone number until the day of the performance.
*There is no problem in changing models with the same phone number. However, after issuing the ticket (after displaying My Events), you will need to carry out the transfer procedure on the AnyPASS app.
*Please be sure to enter the mobile phone number of your smartphone on the day of the performance.
*For this performance, each person will be required to bring one ticket to enter, so please use AnyPASS to distribute the tickets to your companions.
Please note that the applicant's ticket cannot be distributed or transferred to another person.
When the accompanying person receives the ticket, the accompanying person must also download AnyPASS and register for use (free).
When applying, please make sure that all participants in this performance have a smartphone with the following compatible OS and SMS authentication available before applying.
*If you arrive without being distributed, it may take some time to enter.
Please be sure to distribute tickets, register your companion for AnyPASS, and receive tickets before your arrival.
*If you purchase tickets for performances on the same date and time multiple times with the same name and same mobile phone number, you will always have one ticket for each applicant.
Remaining tickets can only be used by applicants. Please note that other people cannot use or enter.
* Only if the accompanying person is a minor and does not have a compatible smartphone, you will be asked to enter after presenting an identification card and providing information such as name and contact information on the day of the performance.
Admission will be permitted only after the applicant and all accompanying persons are present.
If you do not show your ID, you may not be able to enter if you are not a minor. Please note.
Please download the smartphone application "AnyPASS" from the following.
[When using an iPhone] App Store 
[For Android users] Google Play 

■Supported OS
iPhone: iOS 12 or later
Android: Android 7.0 or later (*excluding some models)
■ What is SMS authentication?
SMS authentication (login with mobile phone number) is a mechanism for personal authentication using SMS (Short Message Service).
Those who do not meet the above conditions will not be allowed to enter.
Regardless of the reason, cancellations, changes, or refunds are not possible after ticket purchase. Please note.
[Inquiries about AnyPASS]
<Notice of closure of inquiry window>
Closed period: December 28, 2022 (Wednesday) to January 4, 2023 (Wednesday)
If your question is not answered in the FAQ, please contact us here.
[Efforts for this performance]
● All tickets for this performance will be handled as digital tickets. When entering, please operate your smartphone by yourself under the instructions of the staff.
●We will encourage all people involved in the performance to wear masks, wash their hands frequently, and disinfect their fingers, and strive to manage their health.
●We will thoroughly disinfect the handrails, doorknobs, and other places that can be touched in the venue.
●We will thoroughly ventilate the venue.
●We will ensure a sufficient distance between the stage and the audience.
●In places where lining up is required, markers will be installed so that visitors line up at a distance.
●In places where face-to-face contact with visitors is required, we will install acrylic boards and transparent vinyl curtains to prevent droplet infection.
● Disinfectants will be installed in various places in the venue.
●Infection prevention information boards will be installed and patrol staff will call for infection prevention.
●The smoking area in the venue will be closed.
●Bringing in alcoholic beverages, drinking in the venue, and being under the influence of alcohol are prohibited.
●In order to prevent infection, we recommend that you purchase CDs and DVDs online from various official sites.
For sales of CDs and DVDs inside and outside the venue, measures will be taken to prevent droplet infection by installing transparent vinyl curtains, etc., and aligning sales to prevent crowding.
●Regarding the venue and EC sales of concert goods, we will inform you as soon as the details are decided.
●We do not accept gifts, congratulatory flowers, stand flowers, letters, etc. for performers. Please note that if you arrive at the venue, we will refuse it.
●Pregnant women, those who are expected to become pregnant, those with chronic or underlying illnesses, those who find it difficult to act alone, etc. Prioritize the safety of your own body and the people involved. Please consider visiting based on the judgment of.
●In the venue, if there is a high risk of infection, such as a customer's close contact, the staff may call out to you, so we ask for your cooperation.
[Entrance flow]
We will check your digital ticket. Customers will be asked to hold the QR code over the terminal installed at the venue.
* After the performance, we will implement "restricted exit" to alleviate congestion. Please note that it may take longer than usual.
[Request to visitors]
If you have had close contact with someone who has tested positive for the new coronavirus infection, or if you have visited or resided in a country or region where the government has imposed immigration restrictions or an observation period after entering the country within the past two weeks. Please refrain from visiting if you have a close contact with someone.
●People with a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher, cough, dyspnea, general malaise, sore throat, nasal discharge/congestion, taste/smell disturbance, eye pain, conjunctival hyperemia, headache, joint/muscle pain, diarrhea, nausea.・Please refrain from visiting if you have symptoms such as vomiting. In addition, alcohol intake may raise body temperature. Please refrain from drinking alcohol before your visit. In any case, please understand that if you have a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher, you will be refused entry.
●It is mandatory to wear a mask when visiting, and you will not be allowed to enter if you are not wearing a mask. Please be sure to prepare your own mask.
●When entering the venue, be sure to disinfect your hands with the provided disinfectant.
●Regarding the cheering during the performance, please refrain from singing louder than usual or repeating or continuing to cheer, and enjoy it as long as it does not interfere with the audience around you. There is no problem with cheering or clapping with the official penlight.
[Examples of utterances that do not correspond to "loud"]
○: Sing at a volume that allows you to have a conversation with the person next to you.
○: Temporarily make a loud voice in response to the appearance or call of the performers, fan service, production effects, etc.
○: In addition, the performance organizer and the people involved in the performance will establish guidelines for vocalization as necessary, based on the characteristics of the performance.
●To prevent droplet infection, please refrain from unnecessary movement of seats during the performance, contact with other visitors, and lending and borrowing of items.
●Please cooperate with cough etiquette and refrain from talking as much as possible in the audience and lobby.
●Please note that our staff will call out to customers who appear to be unwell. In addition, please understand that we may refuse entry to the venue depending on the situation.
[About measures against infectious diseases for staff and performers]
●We will check the health condition of all staff and related parties.
●If an employee is found to be unwell, such as having a fever, he/she will not be allowed to work.
●In order to prevent droplet infection, we recommend wearing masks and face shields.
●We will frequently disinfect our hands when entering the venue.
●Performers will also be checked for their health condition. It is mandatory to wear a mask except when performing. We also recommend wearing a face shield, but we are obligated to wear it as necessary.
●In addition, in the event of any incidents, we will immediately cooperate with health administration agencies such as public health centers and nearby medical institutions, and promptly take measures to ensure the health and safety of artists and staff.
We will do our best to make sure that everyone can visit us with peace of mind, so we kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation.
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