"TREASURE JAPAN ARENA TOUR 2022-23" goods announced and on sale!

"TREASURE JAPAN ARENA TOUR 2022-23" Goods Announced & Launched ♪
The official goods to liven up the first Japan tour of TREASURE starting from November have been completed!
Expressing ♪ the world view with a refreshing coloring based on NAVY, LIGHT BLUE, and WHITE, and a logo with the theme of TREASURE that continues to shine

★About EC sales
From 18:00 on September 21 (Wed), each EC site (YGEX OFFICIAL SHOP・mu-mo Shop ・ TREASURE Weverse Shop JAPAN) and start sales!
※ We plan to ship sequentially from the middle of November and deliver until the performance date, but depending on the order date, the delivery of the product may not be in time for the performance. (It is not possible to specify the delivery date.) )
* Please note that even if you can not make it in time for the performance, we can not cancel or refund it.
* Please note that there is a possibility of delay in delivery due to weather and traffic conditions.
*YGEX OFFICIAL SHOP and mu-mo In the shop, "TREASURE OFFICIAL LIGHT STICK" is scheduled to be re-sold. We will inform you as soon as the resale date and time are decided.

Goods for sale
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