The second TREASURE project is now available on the vertical theater app "smash." !!

Vertical theater app "smash."The second TREASURE project "TREASURE ART" is now available!

This time, ASAHI and YOSHI brought in "TREASURE ART". With all the membersyouChallenge to create works to give to! Members are the theme of this timefunIs expressed on the canvas. Focus on each member You can enjoy the members who are concentrating on the production of the work at a very close distance In addition to the video There is also a work show corner where each member presents the completed work, A lot of content has been completed. moreover," TREAS URE ART We are planning to carry out a campaign to liven up!
For more information, smash. Official Twitter (https: // t nine!
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・ Delivery date: May 10, 2022 (Tuesday) 21:00 Delivery start
・ Distribution vertical theater app "smash."
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