[Date and application period decided! !! ] JAPAN 1st MINI ALBUM "THE SECOND STEP: CHAPTER ONE "
The content of the first-time inclusion privilege "application by drawing lots privilege serial access code" campaign has been decided!

The long-awaited latest work for the first time in about a year, JAPAN 1st MINI ALBUM "THE SECOND STEP: CHAPTER ONE"
First-time inclusion benefits: Application by drawing lots benefits In addition to the serial access code and by drawing lots application benefits, the date and time of the event and the application period will be decided!
Please be sure to check the following, and check the necessary items on the campaign site and the "application by drawing lots privilege serial access code" written on the paper enclosed in the first edition / first production limited edition of "THE SECOND STEP: CHAPTER ONE". Please enter and apply.
Released on March 31, 2022 (Thursday)
◆ First-time inclusion privilege: Application by drawing lots privilege Serial access code

A paper with the application lottery privilege serial access code is enclosed in the first edition or the first production limited edition of the target product (15 forms in total).
<Click here for details of target products>
▼ Application period
2022From noon on Thursday, March 31, 2022 to noon on Monday, April 18, 2022
▼ Application by drawing lots privilege contents
① [Application by drawing lots] Online autograph session by all members (100 people in total)
 * Each member is scheduled to communicate online for about 45 seconds, for a total of 9 minutes.
Schedule: May 1, 2022 (Sun)
[Scheduled time] 13: 00-15: 30 (planned)

② [Application by drawing lots] Online Meet & Greet by member (250 people per member / 3,000 people in total)
* You can select the desired member.
* We are planning to hold the event all at once on the same day and at the same time.
* At the time of implementation, online face-to-face communication per person is scheduled for about 30 seconds.
Schedule: May 1, 2022 (Sun)
[Scheduled time] 16: 20-19: 40 (scheduled)

▼ Application campaign site
* Open from noon on March 31, 2022 (Thursday).
▼ Notes
1. In general for the campaign
* Campaign content may change without notice due to various circumstances. Please be forewarned.
* Products eligible for the application by drawing lots privilege serial access code will end as soon as the planned quantity is reached. Please purchase as soon as possible.
* Some stores and internet sales sites do not handle products and benefits.
* When applying, even if you are a small child, please apply with "information of the person who will participate" when you win. If you apply with the information of the agent even for parents and family members, the right to win is It will be invalid.
* When making a reservation or purchasing, please confirm that it is the first edition or the first limited edition at the store or the Internet sales site.
* You can apply for one of the above application lottery benefits once with one serial access code on the "Application lottery benefit serial access code" form enclosed in the target product. You can apply as many times as you like per person.
* Please note that the serial access code will not be reissued in any case (including stains, loss, theft, etc.).
* Resale, copying, and forgery of serial access codes are strictly prohibited.
* Applicants based on the input on the campaign site will be eligible for the by drawing lots.
* Each winning guide will be given to the winners only from the end of April.
* Each winning information will be sent by email from "" or "".
* If you have set the email reception refusal (domain specified reception), please cancel the domain specified reception or set so that you can receive emails from "" and "". ..
2. Online autograph session ・ About Meet & Greet
① [Application by drawing lots] Online autograph session by all members
② [Application by drawing lots] Online Meet & Greet by member
Is done using the application "With LIVE Meet & Greet".
<Application "With LIVE Meet & Greet">
Android: with
* This is an app for smartphones or tablets only. It cannot be used from a personal computer.
* IOS 11.0 or later, Android 6.0 or higher environment is required.
<Please note>
* At each event, we will verify your identity using the customer information at the time of winning and the "identity verification documents" listed at the bottom of this page specified here.
* Only the winners can participate. Participation by non-winners or multiple people is prohibited.
* If unauthorized resale or transfer is discovered on auctions, ticket resale sites, or SNS, or if the registered information is found to be false information, we will refuse to participate and participate in future related events. We will refuse any participation.
* It is strictly prohibited to record, record, screenshot, etc. of calls by customers. If it is discovered, the online talk will be forcibly terminated.
* It is strictly prohibited to copy, transfer, lend, upload to the Internet / SNS, etc. the recorded material (including recorded data) and distribute it to others. If any of the prohibited acts is discovered, we will refuse to participate in any related events in the future.
* Please participate in an environment where communication conditions are stable. If the communication environment is unstable, you may not be able to use it comfortably due to freezes.
* Please note that we cannot provide compensation due to environmental deficiencies or equipment troubles on the part of the customer.
* A separate communication fee will be charged when using a mobile phone line. Communication charges will be borne by the customer, so please be careful if you are not using services such as flat-rate communication charges.
* The organizer and With LIVE will not be held responsible for any troubles or failures in your mobile phone or network environment, or if an error occurs such as communication interruption during a call. .. Also. The organizer and With LIVE are not responsible for any damages caused by these events. We will only support the transfer if there is a problem caused by the organizer side or the system side of With LIVE Meet & Greet.
* If you cannot participate due to the customer's circumstances such as not being in time or the line was not connected, or if there is a problem with the communication environment of the customer or a terminal such as a smartphone, the transfer will be handled. Please note that we will not do anything.
* We are unable to respond to situations in which viewing is not possible in your area or if viewing or operation is not possible due to other reasons. Please note.
* If inappropriate expressions (slandering to members, unanswerable questions, forced poses / facial expressions, acts contrary to public order and morals, etc.) are found in the content of the conversation, the staff will forcibly terminate the conversation even in the middle of the conversation. We may do it.
* Due to progress management and security, the operation staff is monitoring. In addition, please note that the contents of the call will be recorded by the operation staff.
* Members may be absent in a hurry due to poor physical condition.
* Due to new coronavirus, natural disasters, artists and other circumstances, we may have to cancel or change all or part of the event. In that case, the product will not be refunded. Please note.
* Please follow the instructions of the management staff for all matters related to the management of the event.
* If you do not follow these precautions, you may not be able to participate in the event. In addition, the event itself may be canceled.
▼ About identity verification documents
1. 1. "Identification card with face photo" (one that can confirm the person's name, address, and photo) 1 type
2. 2. "Identification card without face photo" (identification of the person's name and address) 2 types
* One of the two types can confirm the person's address.
* Two points of the same item cannot be used.
<Common precautions for 1 and 2>
* For details on ID cards, please refer to "About ID Cards" below.
* Expired ID cards will not be treated as ID cards.
* Regardless of the reason, if the contents (name, address, photo) of the ID card with a face photo do not match the orderer information, or if you forget the ID card with a face photo on the day, etc. We will refuse to participate in the event.
* In addition to uploading your ID card to With LIVE Meet & Greet in advance, you will need to bring your actual ID card with you when you participate in the event.
<About ID card with face photo>
"Identification card with face photo" means the following. (All cannot be copied)
・ Driver's license (handwritten address on the back is also acceptable)
・ Student ID card with face photo (address is written. Name can be handwritten)
・ Basic Resident Register Card
・ Handicapped person's notebook
·Residence card
·Alien registration certificate
・ My number card (only when presented in a case so that only the surface can be seen)
<About ID card without face photo * At least 2 points are required>
"Identification card without face photo" refers to the following with your name printed on it. (Cannot be copied)
・ Health insurance card (handwritten address is also acceptable)
・ A copy of the resident's card
・ A copy of the family register
・ Family register extract
・ Seal registration certificate
·pension book
·staff identity card
・ Credit card / cash card (Combination of credit card and cash card is not treated as "2 types")
・ Student ID card without face photo (address and name can be handwritten)
<Items not accepted as ID>
・ Individual Number Notification Form / My Number Notification Card cannot be used as "Documents Proving My Number" or "Identification Card".
・ Passbooks, medical examination tickets, invoices, various membership cards, admission cards for facilities, annual passports for theme parks, and various mail items will not be treated as "identification cards" even if their names and addresses are printed. Hmm.
・ Expired identity verification documents are not valid.
・ Identity verification documents are not considered valid if they are copied, handwritten except for some certificates, expired, unusable, and have been crafted or processed.
・ Participation may be refused if it can be determined that the photo of the identity verification document and the person's face are clearly different.
・ At the time of identity verification, please consider the headgear, makeup, etc. so that the staff can see the customer's face.
・ We may ask you to show your identity verification documents when you verify your identity. Please prepare the actual identity verification document you uploaded and participate in the event.
・ If your address changes due to a move such as a driver's license, please upload the front side and the staff will check the back side when you authenticate yourself on the day of the event.
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❏ Inquiries
Avex customer support
Business hours 11: 00-18: 00 (excluding weekends and holidays)
* E-mails are accepted 24 hours a day, but we will respond sequentially during business hours. Thank you for your understanding in advance.
* Please note that inquiries are only available in Japanese.
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