LINE MUSIC playback campaign starts from 4/25 (Tue.)!!

TAEYANG "EP ALBUM [Down to Earth]" "Shoong! (feat. LISA of BLACKPINK)" from those who listened to it more than 1,000 times on LINE MUSIC, the top10peopleWe invite you to the"Online Autograph Session"! Please ♫ read the campaign details carefully and listen a lot before applying.

■Campaign period: 2023/4/25 (Tue) 18:00 ~ 5/9 (Tue) 23:59
■Application form entry period:2023/5/10(Wed)~5/12(Fri)23:59
URL: VxjEhxMaPHSbkMQ37
・Online autograph session
→TAEYANG "Shoong! (feat. LISA of BLACKPINK)" (1 song) Top 10 people from those who listened to it more than 1,000 times
* We plan to communicate for about 45 seconds per person.
* The event is scheduled for Saturday, May 20.
* Winning emails are scheduled to be sent in mid-May.
* If there are many people with the same number of views, it will be by drawing lots.
■How to participate
STEP (1) Become a paid member LINE MUSIC (*1 month free trial is available when registering for the first time)
* Please make sure that the number of views is displayed in the ""Your Name"'s TOP 50] item on the ranking page in the LINE MUSIC.
After confirming that the number of views is displayed in the item [STEP (3) ["Your name"'s TOP 50], take a screenshot of the screen during 5/10 (Wednesday).
STEP(4)Enter the required information on the application form along with a screenshot of the screen within the application period to complete the application.
Application Form URL: VxjEhxMaPHSbkMQ37
Application form entry period: 2023/5/10(Wed)~5/12(Fri)23:59
This completes your application. If you listen a lot, your chances of winning will increase! !!
■Notes on this campaign
* Please note that we will not contact the winners.
* You can check your own view count in "Ranking" from the tabs below the "Top Page" ⇒ LINE MUSIC.
* If you do not see "Your Name"'s TOP 50], the number of songs played on LINE MUSIC in the last 3 months is less than 20 or LINE MUSIC The app may not have been updated to the latest version. In addition, the ranking will be updated once a day / irregularly, reflecting the next day.
* If the number of seconds per playback is short, it may not be counted as one playback.
* If "9999 times +" is displayed in the number of views, it will be the upper limit.
* It will not be counted in the listening mode playback that free members can listen to. Only paid members or members during the first month free period will be reflected.
* In the case of playback in the offline state (download save), the playback count will be reflected when switching to the communication mode such as Wi-Fi environment. Please note that it may take some time to reflect.
* Communication expenses related to the use of this campaign and monthly membership fees for LINE MUSIC will be borne by the customer himself/herself.
* The right to win cannot be transferred, exchanged for cash, or changed to a third party.
* If it is judged that it is fraudulent, such as consecutive applications by the same person with multiple accounts, the winning may be invalidated without prior notice.
* The number of views displayed is for playback between 2023/4/25 (Tue) 18:00 ~ 5/9 (Tue) 23:59.
*LINE MUSIC membership registration is required. (1 month free)
* Whether you download and play (offline) or play during airplane mode, it will be counted.
* If you are using a junk mail prevention filter, please set it so that you can receive emails from the domains "" and "".
* We cannot accept any inquiries about missing the application completion email or winning.
* We cannot resend the application completion email. Even if you do not receive an application completion email, your application is complete when the application completion screen is displayed.