D-LITE "D-KUN GOODS" will be on sale!

Summer 2021 ... Ⅾ Your new visual is born! !!
Mr. D who hits the drum powerfully When, Mr. D wearing a red cap marked with "D" 2 patterns!

D-kun, who is dressed in a black mask and black T-shirt and hits the drums, is newly drawn and designed like a band T-shirt! The point is the D-KUN logo and the old clothes-like print ♪ The color of the body stands out with a sense of rockBLACK& Easy to wear with soft colorIVORY2 types of development ☆
And a pouch with a cool clear material and a large capacity! Please note that Cap D, who smiled, is attached as a tag (^^)

It will be on sale on the EC site from noon on Saturday, June 26th!

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