[D-NA SHOW Vol.1] Fan club "VIP JAPAN" enrollment campaign decision on the leaflet distributed at the venue!

At the venue of [D na SHOW Vol.1], we will distribute a fan club information leaflet with a campaign code!

During the campaign period, if you enter the campaign code written on the leaflet and join (= deposit) from the fan club site, all the target members will receive "Leave your ears" (cotton swab) as a gift! !!

If you are visiting, don't miss this opportunity ☆

☆ Campaign period
August 11, 2017 (Friday / holiday) 0: 00-November 6, 2017 (Monday) 23:59

☆ Benefits

"Leave your ears" (cotton swab) 1 piece

☆ How to join
Please access the following fan club site from your mobile phone or PC and complete the procedure from [Fan club new enrollment].

* LAWSON TICKET and Loppi (LAWSON, Ministop over-the-counter terminals) is not eligible for this campaign. please note.

* Please note that there is no Fan Club Booth at the [D na SHOW Vol.1] venue.
* One "Leave your ears" (cotton swab) will be sent together with your membership card and membership benefits.
* Even if you enter the correct campaign code on the membership registration form, if payment cannot be confirmed during the campaign period, you will not be eligible for the gift.
* If you forget to enter the campaign code or make an error in the entered information, you will not be able to participate in the campaign. Also, you cannot enter the campaign code after depositing.
* Please note that we cannot answer regarding the distribution method of the venue leaflets.

* [G-DRAGON 2017 WORLD TOUR <ACT III, MOTTE> IN JAPAN] Fan club new members, friend introductions, and continuous reception will be held at all venues.
* G-DRAGON 2017 WORLD TOUR <ACT III, MOTTE> IN JAPAN] will receive a venue-limited privilege "Scratch paper" (1 volume) on a first-come, first-served basis.
* At the [a-nation 2017] venue, new fan club members, friend introductions, and continuous reception will be held.
* [A a-nation 2017] Those who receive (pay) at the venue will be given one "Leave your ears" (cotton swab) on a first-come, first-served basis.