Oden-kun D-LITE Collaboration Goods

Original character of Lily Franky, a surreal and comical anime hero (mochi purse) unfolded in a pot at an oden stall (Oden Village) Oden Whispered that it was somewhat similar among fans D-LITE (D) of collaboration Has come true!

Oden gently embraced Mr. D and drew an original art with a self-confident thumb up.
Attention is paid to D's expression. Somehow her face is similar, probably influenced by Oden. D is also showing such an expression because it is a collaboration with Oden ♪
There are four types of items to be developed with this original art this time. The design is as if you are standing on the stage of [D Na SHOW Vol.1] currently being held nationwide!
Just having it will make you and your surroundings smile for some reason ☆
Pre-sale (Oden-kun x D-kun mini towel only, sold from 13th) at the collaborative cafe "Bistro ~ Dna SHOW ~" which is being held until October 22nd, and "Dna SHOW Vol.1 "venue and EC site will be on sale! Please purchase at this opportunity!
■ D-SHOW Vol.1 sale at the venue
October 13 (Fri) MAIHAMA Amphitheater Performance Scheduled to be sold at the goods section
* Please check here for the scheduled pre-sale time at the venue.
< Notes on sales at the venue >
* During the opening and after the show, the sales floor is expected to be crowded. Please use the pre-sale.
* Advance sales start time may be changed depending on congestion on the day. Please note.
* When you purchase the product, please check the product and change on the spot. In particular, always check your fishing before leaving the sales floor. We will not be able to provide certification after leaving the sales floor.
* Payment methods are cash and credit cards. Credit cards may not be accepted depending on the communication status at the venue.
■ Sales on EC sites
Scheduled to start selling at 18:00 on October 16 (Mon)
★ mu-mo SHOP
★ For oversea customers
* The sales page URL will be updated as soon as it is known.
* Please note that products will not be displayed until sales start.
* Because the product may not be delivered in time for the scheduled performance, please be sure to check the delivery date on the order confirmation page before ordering. (Delivery date can not be specified. If you purchase multiple items with different delivery dates, it will be shipped after waiting for the item that arrives late.)
* Please note that cancellations or refunds will not be made even if you miss the performance.
Collaboration Cafe "Bistro D-Show"
〒553-0003 Osaka, Fukushima-ku Fukushima 1-1 chome 1-20
Business hours 11: 00-21: 00
* The number of sales at stores is limited.
[Contact for "Bistro D-Show"]
03-6265-0681 (Weekdays 10: 00-17: 00)
■ Inquiries about EC sales
mu-mo SHOP customer support
0570-064- 546 (Weekdays 11: 00-18: 00)
Https:. // Shop mu-mo.Net / Q /
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