D-LITE MUSEUM original goods lineup announced! !
There are many plans produced by the person himself ☆

<Limited to Ikebukuro PARCO venue> [Goods buyer campaign urgent decision! ]
Goods at " D-LITE MUSEUM" Ikebukuro PARCO venue
Purchases over 4,000 yen including tax per purchase To customers,
Please draw one lot ♪
For customers who have a wonderful [D prize], total 10 groups of 20 people
We present pair ticket of Met Life Dome ☆
When it becomes light at the museum,
Next, please make it even more light with D-LITE LIVE ☆
■ Participation conditions
April 6 (Thu)-10 (Mon)
At the Ikebukuro Parco Museum,
Purchase of goods over 4,000 yen including tax per transaction Customer
* Long stickers, CDs and DVDs are not eligible.
* One lottery will be offered once per transaction including tax-included 4,000 yen or more I can.
Please note that receipts cannot be combined.
■ Winning prizes
Invite 10 pairs of tickets and 20 people
Venue: MetLife Dome
Schedule: April 15 (Sat), 16 (Sun)
* Tickets cannot be reissued under any circumstances.
※ We will ask you the date you want,
It will be on a first-come, first-served basis
Tickets for your desired dates may be closed.
Please note.
* Winning tickets cannot be resold, transferred or redeemed.
* Other expenses such as accommodation expenses other than admission tickets are included in the winning contents. not.
Please bear all the winners.
* If the performance is canceled or postponed, it is not possible to exchange or exchange tickets. I can't do it.
We cannot guarantee transportation and accommodation expenses.
* Regarding the application now, damages that occurred to customers and between third parties Troubles that have arisen
We are not responsible for any damages.


D - LITE MUSEUM original goods lineup announced! !
There are many plans produced by the person himself ☆
D - LITE The person himself was involved in the production, D - LITE MUSEUM "
Open for a limited time from Thursday, April 6!
The original goods are also a lineup that can be realized only because it is a museum ☆
"Bright LITE (Light)! "It will be fun!" According to the concept of
Surreal, but please enjoy the design that makes you feel attached with Jiwaji ♪
★ " D - LITE Click here for MUSEUM schedule tail.php? id = 1047528
Part of the design is linked to the exhibition contents of the museum ♪
If you come to the museum venue,
Can you solve the mystery of this design?
* Because some items are linked to the museum plan ,
Some do not include images.
Please look forward to seeing the real thing at the venue ♪
Since all items are limited to the museum venue
Sales on the EC site are not planned.
In addition, since the number is limited, it will be discontinued as soon as it is gone But,
It may be received during the exhibition.
[Museum-linked project! Stamp rally ☆]
One stamp will be distributed at the entrance.
Please press the stamp installed in the venue ♪
If you have got stamps for two venues in Tokyo and Osaka,
Please show the stamp mount to the staff at the Osaka venue!
D - LITE I was giving more "modest feelings" Come ☆
The whole picture will finally be revealed D - LITE MUSEUM! !
Please come to the venue and feel with your eyes, ears and skin ☆
We'll be expecting you!

At the CD / DVD booth, sales with limited benefits are also available!
Click here for details ♪ ▼