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Goods of "D-LITE JAPAN DOME TOUR 2017 ~D-Day~" are completed!
This time, the lineup of D-LITE 's unique goods is now available!
"Smartphone D" and "Tosan", who can enjoy the real voice of D-LITE, led by "Smartphone-Toss" and "Tonburi", which were actually created by taking their own handprints. Check out the goods that can feel D-LITE even at home, such as "No Tweet" ♪
In addition, with "Aburatorigami" that makes you feel like you are kissing every time you use it, "D-kun WINGS hanger (2 sets)" which is an inevitable closet starter, with a soft light like fireflies "D-kun-LIGHT" that illuminates the future, "One-night set" designed to quickly respond to "What's your night?" Invitation, "D-kun nanoblock" that makes you unconscious when assembled , All have practical items.

[List of EC sites]
From Tuesday, April 11 18:00 Mail order will be started at the following site.

http: //sp.
★ VIP JAPAN SHOP (for fan club members only) ★ mu-mo SHOP
Http:. // Sp mu-mo.Net / Shop / Rr / Dlite1704ms /
For oversea customers
Https:. // Shop mu-mo? .Net / A / List1 Jsiteid = MSG Ando Categ_id = 664602

* Because the product may not be delivered in time for the scheduled performance, please be sure to check the delivery date on the order confirmation page before ordering.
(Delivery date can not be specified. If you purchase multiple items with different delivery dates, it will be shipped after waiting for the item that arrives late.)
* Please note that cancellations or refunds will not be made even if you miss the performance.

【First come, first served! Venue limited privilege]
5,000 yen / account at the off-site merchandise section We present "boket tsushyu"!

Example) 1 account ...
5,000 yen (tax included) Purchase ⇒ 1 gift
128,000 yen (tax included) Purchase ⇒ 25 gifts

* In any case, we cannot add the receipt.
* Membership / continuation of CD / DVD / Fan Club is not eligible. In addition, please note that the purchase of the goods store in the hall is not eligible.
* This campaign is limited to venues and on the day only. Please note that purchases at mu-mo SHOP are not eligible.
* " D-LITE JAPAN DOME TOUR 2017-D-Day ~" goods, existing goods, and fan club member-only goods sold at the venue are eligible for benefits.
* "Boket Tesshi" is limited in quantity and will end as soon as the distribution on the day runs out.
* During the opening and after the show, the sales floor is expected to be crowded. Please use the pre-sale.
* Advance sales start time may change depending on congestion on the day. Please note.
* When you purchase the product, please check the product and change on the spot. In particular, always check your fishing before leaving the sales floor. We will not be able to provide certification after leaving the sales floor.
* Membership authentication is required when purchasing fan club member-only goods. Please note. In addition, customers who have joined the fan club on that day will be certified as a member with the receipt of the fan club membership.
* Payment methods are cash and credit cards. However, at Kyocera Dome (Osaka performance), only cash is handled. Credit cards may not be accepted depending on the communication status at the venue.

■ Schedule / Venue / Pre-sale start time
・ April 15 (Sat) MetLife Dome / Pre-sale: 11:00
・ April 16 (Sun) MetLife Dome / Pre-sale: 11:00
・ April 22 (Sat) KYOCERA DOME OSAKA / Pre-sale: 10:00
・ April 23 (Sun) KYOCERA DOME OSAKA / Pre-sale: 10:00

[mu-mo SHOP member exclusive privilege] (EC site privilege)
One-time purchase of " D-LITE JAPAN DOME TOUR 2017" merchandise at participating online shops and a bonus of 5,000 yen (tax included) or more One "Boket Tessyu (EC Ver.)" Will be presented!

[Applicable online shops]
mu-mo SHOP
mu-mo SHOP Overseas sales site

In the case of 5,000 yen including tax in 1 accounting: 1 gift
In the case of 10,000 yen including tax in 1 accounting: 1 gift

* mu-mo ID (free registration) is required. mu-mo For those who purchase after logging in with ID. Please note that if you do not register as a member or purchase without logging in, you will not be given the benefit "Boket Tesshi (EC Ver.)".

Login here
https: //shop.

mu-mo Click here for ID member registration (free registration)
https: //shop. jsiteid = mumo
* Because registration may take some time, we recommend advance registration.

* 5,000 yen does not include postage 500 yen, gift service charge, and various fees.
* Only "D-LITE JAPAN DOME TOUR 2017" goods are eligible for the campaign.
* Goods other than "D-LITE JAPAN DOME TOUR 2017" goods are not eligible for the campaign. Please note.
※ It will end as soon as the benefits are gone. Please note.
* If the award is granted, after the order is confirmed, the details of the award will be displayed on the screen displaying the order number and in the order confirmation email. If there is no description, the benefit will end.
* Because shopping cart information is not retained for a long time, the order of awarding may be changed. Please note.
* Before placing an order, please check the delivery status on the "Product Information" page of the desired product before placing your order.

[List of existing goods available at the venue]
・ Stick light (10th Anniversary ver.) 2,500 yen (tax included)
・ Stick light 2,000 yen (tax included)
・ Stick light case 2,300 yen (tax included)
・ Thermo tumbler (D-LITE) 2,800 yen (tax included)
・ Pouch (D-LITE) 2,000 yen (tax included)
・ Mask & photo sticker set (D-LITE) 1,500 yen (tax included)
・ KRUNK X BIG BANG BANG BANG BANG ver. Snow dome (D-LITE) 1,800 yen (tax included)

Fan Club Member Only Products
・ BIG towel 4,100 yen (tax included)
・ News binder 2,800 yen (tax included)

* Please present your VIP JAPAN "Membership Card" or "Digital Membership Card" when purchasing fan club limited items at the venue.
* Customers who join the fan club at the venue can purchase it by presenting a receipt.