Smartphone cover ver.KRUNK × BIGBANG released !!

KRUNK × BIGBANG official smartphone cover “ver.KRUNK × BIGBANG” has been released!

The design will be these four types!
Please use it to your liking ☆
■ ver.KRUNK × BIGBANG blue

A cute and bold smartphone cover that expresses KRUNK throughout the cover!
KRUNK's arms are also designed for the flap part ♪
■ ver.KRUNK × BIGBANG White

Stylish design with bold KRUNK typography on both front and back ♪
The white body gives a clean impression!
■ ver.KRUNK × BIGBANG black

A COOL design smartphone cover that shines the KRUNK and BB logos on the BLACK base!
■ ver.KRUNK × BIGBANG stripe

Cute KRUNK smartphone cover with pink accents on WHITE × BLACK stripes!
* Inside specification photo * Reference

To make it available to everyone using a variety of smartphones,
We sell book cover types for all models.
Available in three sizes: S / M / L.
It will be on sale at “KRUNK × BIGBANG Cafe”, which will be open from August 12!
Please note that sales at the venue are limited in number, so if you are out of stock, please use the website below.
☆ Web site order period
● First order period:
From August 21, 2015 (Fri) 16:00 to September 14, 2015 (Mon) 13:00
* Delivery is scheduled around mid-October.
● Second order period:
From September 14, 2015 (Mon) 16:00 to October 13, 2015 (Tuesday) 13:00
* Delivery is scheduled around mid-November.
* For sales at the “KRUNK × BIGBANG Cafe” store, you can hand over the day.
☆ Purchase here! !
・ Ver. Official Site
URL: Http:. // Sp mu-mo.Net / Shop / R / 1507Vrkb /
☆ Case type
・ Book cover type (Price: 4,900 yen including tax * Same price for all sizes)
☆ About the model corresponding to the book cover type (all 3 sizes)
[S size]
Compatible models: Approx. 128 mm x 71 mm x Approx. 12 mm or smaller smartphone
* Recommended size only
[M size]
Compatible models: smartphones of about 140 mm x about 71 mm x about 12 mm or less
* Recommended size only
[L size]
Compatible models: smartphones of about 160 mm x about 80 mm x 12 mm or smaller
* Recommended size only
* For the book cover type, you can shoot with the camera attached to the cover.

What's "ver."? Ver. Is an EC service that receives and delivers a smartphone cover designed with official content for a limited time.
Compatible with many models including iPhone, GALAXY, Xperia. Limited-time, completely made-to-order production available only now. That is ver.'S commitment. To all smartphone covers.
ver.KRUNK × BIGBANG blue
ver.KRUNK × BIGBANG stripe