BIGBANG JAPAN DOME TOUR 2014-2015 "X" goods

From Kyocera Dome performance on 1/16, BIGBANG HAPPYBOX and BIGBANG Amechan (Osaka) Will start selling!

BIGBANG HAPPYBOX A¥5,000 (tax included)
¥7,500 (tax included)
Very BIGBANG goods released until February 2014 We have prepared a great set.
Do not miss this opportunity!

* Please note that colors and sizes cannot be selected.
* There is no significant difference in the contents of each BOX.
* At the venueOnly BIGBANG HAPPYBOX B will be sold in paper bags.

BIGBANG Amechan (Osaka)¥1,500 (tax included)

Sorry I made you wait! BIGBANG JAPAN DOME TOUR 2014-2015 "X" goods have been completed !!

Goods of all elaborate designs and specifications like BIGBANG are available!
This time, an eye mask using a T-shirt with a graphical print printed on the entire front and a photograph taken down,
Sports towels that can be used reversibly, such as KRUNK, which is sold only in Japan, wearing FANTASTIC BABY costumes,
We have a lot of lineup!
Mail order sales of tour goods are available at YGEX OFFICIAL SHOP, mu-mo SHOP, VIP JAPAN SHOP
It is scheduled for 16:00 on November 17 (Mon)
* Local sweets will be available from 16:00 on January 19 (Mon)
Please use it so that you do not lose your purchase! ! ! (Only for mail order, 5 venues can be purchased together)
We will release production secret stories and limited photos hidden in the item on YGEX official Twitter, please look forward to it!
YGEX official Twitter account YGEX Staff
■ We will also sell existing goods at the venue.
< List of existing goods for sale >
Stick light * Venue limited price ¥1,800
Fleece cape * Venue limited price ¥5,600
Stick light case * Venue limited price ¥2,300
suspenders * Venue limited price ¥2,300
Jacquard muffler * Venue limited price ¥3,000
Alarm Clock ¥5,800
Face towel ¥2,200
Big towel (reprint) * Venue limited price※ Fan club member limited goods ¥4,100
BIG towel * Venue limited price ※ Fan club member limited goods ¥4,100
Rain poncho * Venue limited price ※ Fan club member limited goods ¥4,100

■ Venue-limited measures
Venue limited benefits! ! "KRUNK x BIGBANG Clear File" will be presented as a random first-come-first-serve basis!
When purchasing official goods and fan club member limited goods at the off-site sales floor,
One piece on a first-come, first-served basis for every 5,000 yen " KRUNK × BIGBANG Clear File (Not for sale) '' Gift! (Up to 3)

■ Goods pre-sale start time
November 15th (Sat) Nagoya Dome Pre-sale: 10:00 (VIP / General)
November 16 (Sun) Nagoya Dome Pre-sale: 10:00 (VIP / General)
November 20 (Thu.) KYOCERA DOME OSAKA pre-sale: 10:00 (VIP / general)
November 21 (Fri) KYOCERA DOME OSAKA Pre-sale: 11:00 (VIP / General)
November 22 (Sat) KYOCERA DOME OSAKA Pre-sale: 10:00 (VIP / General)
November 23 (Sun) KYOCERA DOME OSAKA Pre-sale: 10:00 (VIP / General)
December 6 (Sat) FUKUOKA PayPay Dome Advance Sales: 10:00 (VIP / General)
December 7th (Sun) FUKUOKA PayPay Dome Advance Sales: 10:00 (VIP / General)
December 20 (Sat) Sapporo Dome advance sale: 10:30 (VIP / general)
Thursday, December 25, Tokyo Dome pre-sale: 12 : 00 (VIP / General)
December 26 (Fri) Tokyo Dome Advance Sales: 11:00 (VIP / General)
December 27 (Sat) Tokyo Dome Advance Sales: 11 : 00 (VIP / General)
January 16, 2015 (Fri) KYOCERA DOME OSAKA pre-sale: 13:00 (VIP / General)
January 17, 2015 (Sat) KYOCERA DOME OSAKA Pre-sale: 12:00 (VIP / General)
January 18, 2015 (Sun) KYOCERA DOME OSAKA Pre-sale: 11:00 (VIP / General)
* There are 5 types of clear files (randomly enclosed), and you cannot choose one.
* In any case, the receipt cannot be added.
* Membership / continuation of CD / DVD / Fan Club is not eligible. In addition, please note that the purchase of the goods section in the hall is not eligible.
* This campaign is limited to venues and on the day only. Please note that purchases at mu-mo SHOP are not eligible.
* Clear files are limited in quantity, and will end as soon as the distribution on the day runs out.
* Goods sales start time is the same for VIP seat customers and general seat customers, but we will make a line for VIP seat customers. The sales floor will be the same, so please come and make sure you are correct.
* VIP sheet customers will need to present their tickets at the store on the day of the event, so be sure to bring your ticket.
After confirming the customer's ticket (authentication by machine), we will guide you to the goods section (priority entry in the section until the start time).
* During the opening and after the show, it is expected that the sales floor will be crowded. Please use the pre-sale.
* Advance sales start time may change depending on congestion on the day. Please note.
* When you purchase the product, please check the product and change on the spot. In particular, always check your fishing before leaving the store. We will not be able to provide proof if you leave the sales floor.
* Membership authentication is required when purchasing fan club member-only goods. Please note. In addition, customers who have joined the fan club on that day will be certified as a member with the receipt of the fan club membership.
* Information on sales of products exclusive to fan club members such as BIGBANG TIMES will be announced on the fan club site.
* Payment method is cash only.I can not accept payment by credit card etc.Please be forewarned.

■ Mail order
Online sales will start at 16:00 on Monday, November 17 at the following site.
*BIGBANG HAPPYBOXIs scheduled for sale at 16:00 on Thursday, January 15th.
※ Local sweetsIs scheduled to be sold at 16:00 on January 19 (Mon).