D--LITE DLive 2014 in Japan ~D'slove~Goods

D-shirts (D-kun ver.) And muffler towels will be on sale at the Nippon Budokan performance on 7/17 (Thu.)!

D-shirt (D-kun ver.) (S) (M) (L)
¥ 3,200 (tax included)
※The image is an image

Muffler Towel
2,200 yen (tax included)
※The image is an image


Order period Today June 6th, 2014 [Wednesday] 19:00 to July 28th, Monday, 12:00
* We do not plan to resell or re-accept after the order deadline.

Character D, created by BIGBANG member D-LITE, has become a smartphone cover!
To commemorate the 2014 Solo Arena Tour D -LITE DLive 2014 in Japan ~D'slove~, a limited-time complete make-to-order product that is only available now!


ver. D (8 patterns / 7 models) ¥ 3,400 (tax included) each

Http:. // Sp mu-mo.Net / Shop / R / Ver_bigbang_of /

Compatible models
iPhone 4 ・ 4s
iPhone 5.5s
iPhone 5c
Xperia acro HD
Xperia A

If you have purchased one, you will receive D-LITE 's "Wallpaper with Voices", one of which is the same as the picture you purchased from all eight!

D wallpaper with voice (8 types)

We present smartphone cover of purchase and matching standby!
Tap and D will talk! (Android)
(If you are using an iPhone, your voice will be streaming.)

* The benefits will be notified of the download URL in the [Notice of Shipment Completion] email.
* Terms of use, etc. Please be sure to check the notes on the site before using.
* Communication costs for this service will be borne by the customer.

What's "ver."?
ver. is an EC service that accepts and delivers smartphone covers designed with official contents for a limited time.
Compatible with all 7 models including iPhone, GALAXY, Xperia.
Limited-time, completely made-to-order production available only now.
That is ver.'S commitment.
To all smartphone covers. ver.

Sorry I made you wait! D -LITE DLive 2014 in Japan ~D'slove~Goods have been completed! !!
Goods like D-LITE with lots of Mr. D's illustrations are available.
Mail-order sales of tour goods are scheduled for 12:00 on June 12th at YGEX OFFICIAL SHOP and mu-mo SHOP!
Please be careful not to buy it! !! !!
We will publish the secret stories and limited photos hidden in the item on YGEX official Twitter, please look forward to it!
YGEX Official Twitter account YGEX Staff
※ All prices are including tax.
※ Satsumaito will be dried potato.
Thumb D-kun ※ will be the type of puppets to fit the thumb (phosphorescent specification that glow in the dark)
※ sponge D is the body sponge

■ The venue also responsible for sales of existing goods.
< Existing goods of selling goods list >
Shirt (M) (L) ¥ 6,000
Sports Towel ¥ 2,600
Shoulder bag ¥ 3,800
Alarm clock ¥ 5,800
Studded breath ¥ 1,800
※ The above will be YG Family World Tour 2014 -POWER- in Japan goods

Stick light case ※ venue limited price ¥ 2,300
Stick Light ※ venue limited price ¥ 1,800
BIG towel ※ venue limited price※ fan club members only goods ¥ 4,100
Rain poncho ※ venue limited price※ fan club members only goods ¥ 4,100

[Dates, venue, pre-sale scheduled start time]
June 11 (Wed) YOKOHAMA ARENA Pre-sale: 14:30
June 12 (Thursday) YOKOHAMA ARENA Pre-sale: 15:00
June 19 (Thursday) Kobe WORLD HALL Pre-sale: 15:00
June 21 (Sat) Kobe WORLD HALL Pre-sale: 13:00
June 22 (Sunday) Kobe WORLD HALL Pre-sale: 11:30
June 24 (Tuesday) MARINEMESSE FUKUOKA Pre-sale: 15:00
June 28 (Saturday) Xebio Arena Sendai pre-sale: 13:00
June 29 (Sunday) Xebio Arena Sendai pre-sale: 11:30
July 5 (Sat) Hokkaido Standing General Sports Center North Sea came was Yale pre-sale: 13:00
July 12 (Sat) Nippon Gaishi Hall Pre-sale: 13:00
July 13 (Sun) Nippon Gaishi Hall Pre-sale: 11:00
July 17 (Thursday) Nippon Budokan Pre-sale: 14:00
July 18 (gold) Nippon Budokan Pre-sale: 14:30
July 26 (Sat) OSAKA-JO HALL Pre-sale: 13:00
July 27 (Sunday) OSAKA-JO HALL Pre-sale: 11:30

※ Because after the doors open in, the show is expected to congestion of the department, please use the pre-sale.
※ There is a case to change the pre-sale start time by the congestion of the day. Please note.
※ when you have purchased the product, be sure to check the goods and your fishing on the spot. Please be sure to check before leaving the department in particular your fishing. Will be difficult to prove and is away from the sales floor so I can not respond.
※ For BIG towel and rain poncho, will be the confirmation of the membership card or the login screen.
※ regard during the fan club members only goods of your purchase, you will need the member authentication. Please note. In addition, customers that we received membership on the day fan club, you will be a member authentication with the receipt of the fan club membership.
※ payment by credit card is also available.

■ mail order
Than at June 12, 16 will be the communication sales scheduled to start at the following site. 
※ D- shirt (D-kun ver.) (S) sale of the muffler towel and (M) (L) is scheduled to be at 7/17 (Thursday) 16

(PC) https: // shop. / avx / sv / list1? jsiteid = YGBB & categ_id = 647702
(MB) https: // m-shop. / avx / sv / list1? jsiteid = YGBB & categ_id = 647702

★ mu-mo SHOP
(PC) https: // shop. / list1 / 238603022
(MB) http: // m-shope. / list1 / 238603022

(PC) https: // shop. / avx / sv / list1? jsiteid = YGSP & categ_id = 647802
(MB) https: // m-shop. / avx / sv / list1? jsiteid = YGSP & categ_id = 647802

Online Shop Limited!
D-LITE DLive 2014 in Japan ~D’slove~Goods from the inside of your purchase 5,000 yen (including tax) or more by drawing lots In 10 people D-LITE Get the autographed colored paper!

[by drawing lots Period] June 12, 2014 (Thursday) 16:00 2014 July 31 (Thursday) 23:59

- within the target period "D-LITE DLive 2014 in Japan ~D’slove~Goods "the one-time purchase of 5,000 yen (including tax) (500 yen shipping and gift service charge and various fees not included) will be one-neck of your submissions on orders over.
• To your application, mu-mo SHOP Registration (free) is required.
- your application will be the application accepted completed in the settlement at the time of completion of the subject merchandise.
-mu-mo SHOP If you buy a non-member, it will be outside the scope of your application. Please be careful.
·this by drawing lots Gift VIP JAPAN SHOP, YGEX OFFICIAL SHOP, mu-mo SHOP so" D-LITE DLive 2014 in Japan ~D’slove~Goods "and become a limited towards the purchase, purchase at the venue are not eligible.
- elected, it will place with a shipment of prize. Prize of Dispatch is planning around mid-August 2014.