The fleece cloak sale will start from the 1/4 Sapporo Dome performance!

Sorry I made you wait! BIGBANG JAPAN DOME TOUR 2013-2014 goods are now complete! !
Goods of all elaborate designs and specifications like BIGBANG are available!
This time, Keith Haring's collaborative design and London punk-inspired design will be developed in two axes!
Tour goods will be sold online at YGEX OFFICIAL SHOP, mu-mo SHOP and VIP JAPAN SHOP at 16:00 on November 18th.
※ ★ Local sweets of MARK will be on sale from 16:00 on January 14
Please use it so that you do not lose your purchase! ! ! (Only mail-order sales can be purchased together for 6 venues)
We will release production secret stories and limited photos hidden in the item on YGEX official Twitter, please look forward to it!
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Fleece cape
¥ 5,657 (tax included)

ver. BIGBANG (7 patterns and 7 models)
3,394 yen each (tax included)

¥ 2,057 (tax included)

¥ 2,880 (tax included)

* Click on the image to see the details screen.
* All prices include tax.

■ Venue-limited benefits !!
All 6 types of BIGBANG photo fans will be given a random gift!
When you purchase official goods (limited to fan club members and VIP big towels) at the goods section outside each venue,
One " BIGBANG photo fan (not for sale)" will be given out on a first-come, first-served basis for every 5,000 yen for one transaction! (Up to 3)

* BIGBANG photo fans are 6 types (randomly enclosed) and cannot be selected.
* The receipt cannot be added in any case. In addition, it is not possible to issue a receipt multiple times at the sales floor.
* Join CD / DVD / Fan Club / Continuation is not eligible. Also note that purchases at the on-site merchandise section are not eligible. Please.
* The regular goods section and the fan club limited goods section are Sales booths are different.
* At one of the above sales floors, the target amount (one time payment 5, If you do not purchase) Not eligible for this campaign.
* This campaign is limited to venues and on the day only. mu- Please note that purchases at mo shops are not eligible No.
* BIGBANG photo fan is limited in quantity. It will end as soon as the distribution on the day runs out.
* Payment method is cash only. I can not accept payment by credit card etc. Please be forewarned.

■ Goods pre-sale start time
November 16 (Sat) Seibu Dome Pre-sale: 11:00 (VIP sheet) 11:00 (General)
Sunday, November 17 Seibu Dome Pre-sale: 12:00 (VIP sheet) 12:00 (general)
November 29 (Fri) Kyocera Dome Pre-sale: 11:00 (VIP sheet) 11:00 (General)
November 30 (Sat) Kyocera Dome Pre-sale: 10:00 (VIP sheet) 10:00 (General)
December 1 (Sun) Kyocera Dome Pre-sale: 10:00 (VIP sheet) 10:00 (General)
December 7 (Sat) FUKUOKA YAHUOKU! DOME JAPAN Pre-sale: 10:00 (VIP sheet) 10:00 (General)
December 8 (Sun) FUKUOKA YAHUOKU! DOME JAPAN Pre-sale: 10:00 (VIP sheet) 10:00 (General)
Pre-sale of Nagoya Dome on Saturday, December 14: 10:00 (VIP sheet) 10:00 (general)
Sunday, December 15th Nagoya Dome advance sale: 9:00 (VIP sheet) 9:00 (general)
Thursday, December 19 Tokyo Dome pre-sale: 10:00 (VIP sheet) 10:00 (general)
December 20 (Fri) Tokyo Dome pre-sale: 10:00 (VIP sheet) 10:00 (General)
December 21 (Sat.) Tokyo Dome pre-sale: 10:00 (VIP sheet) 10:00 (General)
January 4 (Sat.) Sapporo Dome pre-sale: 10:00 (VIP sheet) 10:00 (general)
January 11 (Sat) Kyocera Dome Pre-sale: 10:00 (VIP sheet) 10:00 (General)
January 12 (Sun) Kyocera Dome Pre-sale: 10:00 (VIP sheet) 10:00 (General)
January 13 (Mon) Kyocera Dome Pre-sale: 10:00 (VIP sheet) 10:00 (General)

* During the opening and after the show, it is expected that the sales floor will be crowded. Please use the pre-sale.
* Advance sales start time may change depending on congestion on the day. Please note.

* Goods sales start time is the same for VIP seat customers and general seat customers, but we will make a line for VIP seat customers. The sales floor will be the same, so please come and make sure you are correct.
* VIP sheet customers will need to present their tickets at the store on the day of the event, so be sure to bring your ticket. After confirming the customer's ticket (authentication by machine), we will guide you to the goods section (priority entry in the section until the opening time).

* When you purchase the product, please check the product and change on the spot. In particular, always check your fishing before leaving the store. We will not be able to provide proof if you leave the sales floor.
* Membership is required to purchase fan club exclusive goods. Please note. In addition, customers who have joined the fan club on that day will be certified as a member with the receipt of the fan club membership.
* Information on sales of products exclusive to fan club members such as BIGBANG TIMES will be announced on the fan club site.
■ Mail order
We will start mail order sales at the following site from 16:00 on November 18th.
※ Sale of local sweets is scheduled for 16:00 on January 14th.
* B fragrance mist is scheduled to be sold at 16:00 on December 9th.
* Earmuffs and stalls are scheduled to be sold at 16:00 on December 24.
* The fleece cape is scheduled for sale at 16:00 on January 6.
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