Sorry I made you wait! BIGBANG ALIVE TOUR 2012 IN JAPAN SPECIAL FAINAL IN DOME goods are completed! !
Goods of all elaborate designs and specifications like BIGBANG are available!
This time, the penlight has been completely renewed!
Tour goods will be sold online at the YGEX OFFICIAL SHOP / mu-mo SHOP November 26 at 16:00!
Please use it so that you do not lose your purchase! ! !
We will release production secret stories and limited photos hidden in the item on YGEX official Twitter, please look forward to it!
YGEX official Twitter account YGEX Staff
T-shirt POP (S / M / L)
3,143 yen (tax included)
Sports towel (pink & yellow)
2,619 yen (tax included)
Sports towel (purple & yellow)
2,619 yen (tax included)
Takeout back
1,257 yen (tax included)
1,572 yen (tax included)
2,619 yen (tax included)
2,096 yen (tax included)
Key charm (necklace)
1,257 yen (tax included)
Vojsky chain (5 types)
838 yen (tax included)
Fleece cape
5,238 yen (tax included)
Gummy (5 types with card)
524 yen (tax included)
■ Venue-limited measures

Venue limited benefits! We present " BIGBANG emblem"!
At the time of purchase of goods, one BIGBANG emblem will be presented for every 5,000 yen paid at the time of purchase! The color is different for each venue!
In addition, rare colors (the same color at all venues) are mixed! (All 5 types) Let's appeal to beanie caps etc! !
* The color of the emblem announced by the flyer etc. has been changed by Kyocera Dome, Kyocera Dome additional performance.
The patches on 11/23 and 24 will be yellow-green.
* The receipt cannot be added in any case.
* Items purchased at the Fan Club Booth and CD / DVD booth are not eligible. In addition, please note that the purchase of the goods section in the hall is not eligible.
* Patches are limited in quantity and will end as soon as they are gone.
* This campaign is limited to venues and on the day only. Please note that purchases at mu-mo SHOP are not eligible.
※ Up to 3 patches (15,000 yen or more will be given up to 3 pieces).
* Payment method is cash only. Please note that credit card payments are not accepted.
[Notice about gummy package]
It has been discovered that there are some spelling errors in the outer bag of gummy sold only at the venue.
If you would like to exchange it, please send it by cash on delivery to the following address only.
Avex Marketing Co., Ltd. BIGBANG Gummy Outer Bag Exchange, 3-1-30 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062
* Only the outer bag needs to be replaced. Please note that we can not exchange cards and gummy.
* If you have discarded the outer bag, please mail the receipt you received at the time of purchase.
* Outer bags will be sent out from mid-January 2013.
* Please note that the current products will be sold at the Tokyo Dome performance on December 5th.
■ Mail order
Online sales will start at 16:00 on November 26 at the following site.
* The fleece cape is scheduled for sale at 16:00 on January 15th.
(PC) Https:. // Shop mu-mo.Net / St / Fc / YGBB.Html
(MB) Https:. // M-Shop mu-mo.Net / St / Fc / YGBB.Html
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(MB) Https:. // M-Shop mu-mo? .Net / Avx / Sv / List1 Jsiteid = YGSP Ando Categ_id = 61260214
★ mu-mo SHOP
(PC) Https:. // Shop mu-mo.Net / List1 / 238603014
(MB) Https:. // M-Shop mu-mo.Net / List1 / 238603014
There are no plans to sell beanie caps or gummy items sold exclusively at the venue. Please note.