Gum BOX (with 1 can badge / random 8 types)

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A round gumball of various colors is in the BOX! The cube mini size BOX can also be used as a accessory case ♪ There are 8 types of can badges in all!

< Gum >
[Raw materials] sugar, glucose, starch syrup, corn starch, gum base, acidulant, flavor, thickener (gum arabic), coloring (paprika pigment, red radish, red malt, spirulina blue, gardenia), emulsifier, brightener, softening Agent
[Size] Approximately 60 * 60 * 60mm
[Contents] 50g
[Best before date] July 31, 2018
[Country of origin] Japan
< Button Badges >
[Size] φ32mm
[Material] Steel, paper, PET
[Country of origin] Japan