Postcard (set of 5)

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Big postcard set with D-LITE photos. One of the five postcards has a handwritten message of D-LITE printed on it, so please look forward to it ☆
One more fun for "To Postcard"! You can participate in the "D-Nastuto" venue-limited project where you can send a message to D-LITE using the message card enclosed with "To Postcard"! When you mail to "D-Nasuto" set up at the venue of "D-na SHOW Vol.1", the staff will be responsible for sending a message to D-LITE after the tour ends. Please join us inside. Of course, you can also purchase "To Postcard" from the EC site!

* Please be sure to carefully read the precautions enclosed with the product when participating in the "D-Nastuto" venue-limited project.

[Size] 150mm x 210mm (5 postcards + 1 message card)
[Material] Body: paper, PP, hemp
[Country of origin] Japan