D wine (red)

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D-LITE own organic red wine from Spain! The label has a picture of a grape that D-LITE painter has instilled one grain at a time. Wine is available only on EC sites in limited quantities.
※ This product will be handled at "D na wine shop".
* Since "D na wine" is ordered differently from other goods, delivery and shipping are also different.

[Size] Outer box: height 100 x width 100 x height 330 mm, φ72 mm x height 314 mm
[Material] Outer box: paper, body: glass
[Country of origin] Wine: Spain

< Notes >
* Alcohol can be purchased by those over the age of 20. It is sold only to mu-mo ID members (free registration) to confirm the age of the customer. First-time customers are required to register as a mu-mo ID member (free registration).
* There is an age limit for purchasing alcohol. Purchase and drinking under the age of 20 are prohibited by law. Alcohol during pregnancy and lactation can adversely affect the development of the fetus and infant.